We know who we are
and the values that guide us.


Our Mission.

We help people achieve their freedom, grow as professionals and improve their lifestyles by building new routines that integrate work and private life, acquire a new mindset and new skills, enabling new unexplored versions of themselves to unlock their own potential.

We are an experience-enriching tribe that acts without asking permission to do what we know is right, that believes in the sharing power as an engine to create connections, opportunities and memories that will last.

Read our Manifesto at your own risk.

You may feel an overwhelming sense of change.


Our Creative Harbour

The harbour has always been a source of trade and a communication hub, historically fostered civilisation's development: in ancient times, as nowadays, ports have in trade between populations. Always a symbol of meeting and contamination of peoples and cultures, today it becomes a place of confrontation, learning and personal growth, a place to meet other professionals and create bonds that will last. Creative Harbour is the safe harbour for all free Digital Workers who want to experience a transformation both in life and ways of working, expand the horizons of their knowledge and the way to be, in harmony with nature and themselves.


our driving values

1. pirate mindset

As long as we live in a world that demands we blindly obey to outdated cultural work and lifestyle paradigms, that pushes us to compulsively consume, drives us to feel frustrated and envious, favors our image over our essence, and values instant gratification over long-term impact, we will accept to be considered pirates.

As pirates we sail out to uncharted waters, become pioneers of our own transformation to prove our mission is actually possible.

“Who said it is not possible?”

Read on at your own risk: you might find yourself wanting to join our pirate crew too.

2. Nurture your mind & body

We believe fulfilling your personal goals is an adventure that requires health, energy, motivation and knowledge.

This is why we believe nurturing our bodies and minds is the only way to equip ourselves with the best possible tools we need to follow through with our mission.

We stand against sacrificing our personal wellbeing for work-related projects, because these are still part of our wider life plans. This is the only way to leave our mark.

3. impact, not tasks

We believe freedom of expression is essential for talents to be fully cultivated.

This is why we help people and organizations alike to measure their impact and not the tasks they complete, exactly as we do for ourselves too.

We endorse initiative over blind obedience.

We prefer autonomy over control.

We provide context instead of procedures.

All of this is only possible when freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

4. work-life integration

We believe in work-life integration refusing the concept of “Work/Life Balance”, as it implies finding a level of equilibrium between two aspects we don't recognize as opposite to each other.

We don’t support the paradigm based on dualism between work life and personal life, duty and pleasure, office hours and vacation time.

We believe life and work can be both meaningful and shaped as we want them to be.

5. sharing & mixing diversities

We believe the richest source of personal growth is sharing and mixing diversities among people.

Sharing our knowledge and secrets to enrich others and the world not only is right, but is also the most effective empowering form we know.  

Actively contributing to share knowledge makes the world richer and more diverse whilst making everyone of us better too.

6. creative & entrepreneurial mindset

We believe having a creative and entrepreneurial mindset is key to affirm your life vision.

For us, such a mindset is fundamental to create a personal life story worth telling.

We refuse to believe that certain people or jobs are to be considered not creative. Truth is, deep down every single one of us has the potential of creating something – it just remains untapped for many. If you don't unlock that potential, you can deprive the world of the positive impact you might create on it.

We should dare to dream and accomplish our goals and longings, with no fear of being judged or fail in the path (because here’s the good news: EVERYBODY FAILS!). It takes courage to exit our comfort zone to achieve our personal fulfillment, but doing so enables us to leave a positive mark on this planet and its inhabitants.

7. inclusivity

We reject discrimination of any kind and we consider ourselves to be citizens of the world.

If we consider diversity and mixing as forms of richness, locking our doors to someone is not only cruel, but also foolish.

8. new rich

We believe in a new form of wealth based on the freedom to decide where to be –and when.

We have no interest in hoarding a treasure just to be buried with it as the Egyptian Pharaohs. We don’t believe a person’s wealth is defined by the total economic value of the assets they own.

Instead, we recognize our financial resources to just be a tool for reaching that level of freedom we desire for ourselves, such as freedom to explore the world, live new experiences, expand and share knowledge, and broaden our horizons.

Our REAL currency is freedom. And we are not willing to trade it for a salary.  

We choose to only collaborate with organizations driven by our same values, and that agree on the key importance of protecting its people's freedom and wellbeing.

9. Experience > Assets

We believe living extraordinary experiences can have a much more powerful and longer-lasting impact on our wellbeing than the mere possession of assets.

We understood that the loop cycle of our desires stands between us and our satisfaction.

It’s not minimalism, it’s called ambition: we go beyond material possessions to reach the only goal that makes us feel 100% fulfilled –to explore ourselves and the world we live in.

We don’t reckon status, consumption or fortune as sufficient to improve our existence in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

This is why we dedicate our time and effort to living experiences rather than collecting objects or fortunes, continuously broadening our horizons as human beings.

10. Sustainable Future

We believe that only in a world where everyone is aware his/her actions can have a positive impact on the planet is possible to achieve everyone’s benefit.

It's only possible if people and organizations alike will include in their vision a sustainable future able to safeguard the health of the planet and above all that of those who inhabit it –now and in the future.

People and organizations must take full responsibility for the impact they produce on the planet, without playing blame games but rather assuming responsibility for every one of their actions. Only if we manage to collaborate and work together for a fair and ethic world we will be really able to change it.


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