A great impact

We believe that only in a world where everyone is aware his/her actions can have a positive impact on the planet is possible to achieve everyone’s benefit.

It's only possible if people and organizations alike will include in their vision a sustainable future able to safeguard the health of the planet and above all that of those who inhabit it –now and in the future.

People and organizations must take full responsibility for the impact they produce on the planet, without playing blame games but rather assuming responsibility for every one of their actions. Only if we manage to collaborate and work together for a fair and ethic world we will be really able to change it.

What we do

Aware that the climate crisis is an issue that affects everyone on planet Earth, we at Creatrive Harbour, decided to do our part by creating a forest in Guatemala.

For every person who purchases one of our experiences we will plant a tree in our forest. The tree will be yes in our forest but it will be all yours.

By redeeming it you will have the opportunity to follow its growth through personalized photo updates.

The tree we will give you is part of a project of reforestation with a high social impact. This means that, in addition to producing benefits for the environment, it generates a positive impact for the farming family to which it will be donated. A tree in Guatemala is a valuable contribution to the communities' food supply and economy.
Also, being a tree, it absorbs CO2, produces oxygen and provides habitat for animals.


ZeroCO2 is a Benefit company, committed to the development of environmental, social and economic sustainability projects. It is the partner we chose for our reforestation project.

Manages reforestation projects through which it contributes to the food security and economic support of farming families in the different countries where it operates. Provides the opportunity for individuals and companies to create their own high social impact forest through the adoption of trees. 

Believing that one of the most important ingredients in sustainable development is education, zeroCO2 trains farming communities on organic agriculture and sustainable land management.

Why in Guatemala

In the last 20 years alone, from 2001 to 2020, Guatemala has lost 20 percent of its forests to human-caused causes. (To give an example over the same period, Italy has seen its forest cover increase by 25 percent.)
Deforestation not only accelerates the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, exacerbating the climate crisis, but also creates poverty for the peasant communities living in those places.
Planting trees, by reforesting countries like Guatemala, means actively participating in the fight against global warming while providing economic and food stability for farming families.
Donating trees to peasant communities safeguards their true identity. The lands where they plant the trees donated to them are the same lands that would be sold to multinational corporations to create monocultures. By selling his land, a campesino, he loses his identity: a peasant is a peasant as long as he has a piece of land to cultivate that allows him to live.



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