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Portugal 🇵


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El Medano

The perfect mix for a remote worker

Our ingredients

We found the perfect recipe for every remote worker who wants to live and work while traveling and meeting incredible people.


Experience Coliving with professionals like you and join our community.

Full optional locations

Shared rooms and spaces in crazy locations with everything you could possibly need.


Shared and private workspaces with high-speed wifi.


Business before pleasure. Lots of activities to discover magical places to disconnect your brain in every free moment.

All organized

We take care of everything, you bring the computer our Tribe Lead will take care of the rest.

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07 October
October 21
| 14 days



El Medano


Tribe Lead
Private Room - Private Bathroom
Private room - Shared bathroom
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o 3 installments of 266.33 € without interest

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Discover the stories of people like you

I participated in Harbour in Puglia, two weeks. I don't have enough words to express what a profound, truly life-changing experience it was. Sharing time and space, thoughts and fears, happiness and goals makes you realize that there is more to life than a desk with a Pc and a connection.
The feeling of an empty life gave way to the realization that you have the tools to make the leap. The group was wonderful, the TL as well. 🌻💛
Paola Mangini
Matthew Palmieri
Through this experience, I have solidified the confidence that I can live, work productively, and meet new friends while traveling. Creative Harbour is a way of life, try it to believe. ❤️
Matthew Palmieri
Patrizia Frattini
Leaving with Creative Harbour was the best choice I could have made. I had a real, authentic experience, wonderfully out of my comfort zone. I met wonderful people: digital workers like me, people with whom I share mindset, business, approach to life. I studied and learned, had new experiences, visited wonderful places, traveled without tourism, lived places authentically, worked hard and well.
Patrizia Frattini
I left with the idea of simply having a fun experience in the company of other people, thought I would spend two weeks working in an alternative way in a beautiful place.
We formed a close-knit group, told each other and opened up, learned from each other and got excited together.
I return home after this experience with a much bigger heart, with many new friends, more alive, more self-aware, and closer to figuring out what I want from my life.
Valentina Savi
The experience is powerful and gets you to magical places you never thought could exist.
Although it is objectively very complicated to work in such a mental paradise, productivity and creativity benefit and this is undeniable.
For those of us working on digital transformation, this is crucial 😍 so what can I say, the one in Tenerife was just the first Harbour of a long series ♥️
Adriana Angarano
Mario gabriele Machietto
To look back we use the same glasses as always but if we want to look forward we need new glasses ... the immersive experience with Creative Harbour brings the future closer and makes it understandable. Thanks to All!!!
Mario Maschietto
Elena Pulcini
The experience with Creative Harbour was far beyond my expectations; I not only proved to myself that agile work is feasible and equally productive, but I realized that doing it in a shared environment is deeply stimulating and a source of growth from every point of view: professional, personal and human. The icing on the cake was Sagres, a wonderful place where - wherever the eye falls - one is seized with awe at the beauty of unspoiled nature.
Elena Pulcini

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Answers to frequently asked questions about Creative Harbour

Is the flight included?

The reason we chose not to include flying in the experience is because we believe that everyone should be free to manage the before and after experience as they prefer, giving precisely the option of arriving earlier or staying longer at the location. (Again because one of our core values is freedom).

When can I get my plane ticket

Airfare can be purchased after the experience is confirmed. This will happen after reaching the minimum number of participants needed to activate the experience.

I will have my own station

There are no personal workstations. The principle of sharing also applies to workstations. So in the case of special needs, communication with other participants becomes essential.

Are there spaces where I can make more confidential calls?

Certainly each facility offers reserved spaces where calls can be held. Even in rooms there are often desks, and by organizing with roommates they can be used to conduct calls.

How do the activities work with respect to the workday?

Activities are organized outside working hours and on weekends. If someone has different schedules and would like to do activities during working hours as well, they will be arranged without any problem.

don't worry

we will be there

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Stefano Cerelli

Ragazz* qui non si viaggia, si prova l’esperienza di una vita diversa, join us!

Ah dimenticavo… mi chiamo Stefano e posso solo dirvi: ci becchiamo all’Harbour. 🏴‍☠️ Arr!

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We are launching the Creative Harbour Job Board, where you can find remote-only or hybrid job openings.

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