Fuerteventura – a digital nomads paradise?

Summer all year around, the sea in each direction, laid back and social vibes – it is for a reason that Fuerteventura is getting more and more popular each year. Especially digital nomads love the second biggest of the Canary Islands. Why? Here are 5 reasons, why Fuerteventura is perfect for remote workers and travellers!

I. The sunny climate

Fuerteventura is often called the “island of eternal spring”. With average temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and more than 300 days of sunshine per year, Fuerteventura offers a mild and pleasant climate. Perfect for working outside and outdoor activities at the same time. Thanks to the strong trade winds, you will always find a consistent refreshing breeze that saves you and your laptop from overheating. During summer the wind can get quite strong, surfers should be prepared to have a harder time finding good, not blown-out waves. But on the plus side, it is perfect for every Kite-Surfer! 

source: www.holiday-weather.com/fuerteventura/averages/

II. Accessibility

It is an island, yes. But it is easily accessible by the Puerto del Rosario airport. You will find plenty of regular flights connecting it to major European cities. If you are flexible in the dates, you can find great deals on flight tickets. Also, there is a ferry connecting Fuerteventura to the other Canary Islands. Flying to Lanzarote and taking the ferry to Fuerteventura is a very common way to enter the island. Once you are there, we recommend taking a rental car. There is public transportation, but a car will make you way more flexible and freer in your decisions. Fuerteventura has a well-developed infrastructure with everything you need, including reliable internet connections, co-working spaces, and coffee shops with Wi-Fi. Especially in the northern part, the island perfectly caters to all the needs of remote workers.

Coliving & Coworking Spaces

 Harbour House Blackrocks (of course 😎)

And just in case we are fully booked out, check:

Cafés with Wi-Fi:

III. Community

While the southern part of the island is more known for Holiday-Travelers and All-Inclusive Hotels, the northern part is characterized by an easy and welcoming Surf-Travelers-Vibe. Thanks to an international and like-minded community, you don’t have to be lonely even while traveling alone. In the biggest town, Corralejo, you can find plenty of other remote workers as well as organized meetups and events to connect with people who share the same ethics and goals as you. El Cotillo, a beautiful village directly at the western coastline, is perfect to meet a friend and enjoy a coffee or dinner with a sea view, and in Lajares you’ll meet all the barefoot, zinc-faced Surfers who just came back from an amazing session to enjoy ice cream at Amiga Mia. A lot of people who now live on the Fuerteventura initially just came for vacation but then fell in love with the island and decided to stay. This is why the community is so diverse and welcoming. You will be a part of it sooner than you can say “Fuerteventura”.

For a night out:

Canela Café, Lajares (live music every Wednesday)

Kojote Bar, El Cotillo 

Kiwi Bar, Corralejo

Waikiki Bar, Corralejo


As digital nomads, we typically spend a lot of time sitting in front of the screen. Spending time outside in nature recharges our batteries and is essential for our mental and physical health. Luckily, Fuerteventura is a paradise for outdoor exploration. The most obvious are the stunning volcano sceneries, that make everything look like it’s straight out of a Mad Max film. But there are also the golden dunes around Corralejo and the crystal-clear sea with all its beauty and roughness. The island invites you to spend a lot of time in its nature, whether it’s surfing the best breaks, hiking one of the volcanos, exploring the dunes, or swimming in a natural lagoon.

To explore:

Corralejo Natural Park

 Calderon Hondo

Source: https://northabroad.com/travel-guide-to-calderon-hondo-in-fuerteventura-how-to-climb-the-volcano-crater/

Lagoon of Sotavento

Source: https://northabroad.com/sotavento-beach-lagoons-fuerteventura-travel-guide/

Caves in Ajuy

Source: https://thegingerwanderlust.com/2021/04/12/most-instagrammable-photo-spots-in-fuerteventura/

 Puertito de los Molinos

Source: https://www.ifuerteventura.net/puertito-de-los-molinos/


Speaking of spending time outside, there is a big variety of things you can do in Fuerteventura in your free time. As we mentioned before, surfing is a big thing on this island. If you are an advanced surfer, grab your board and explore the variety of different breaks all around the coast. If you are new to surfing, join one of the over 40 surf schools in Lajares, El Cotillo and Corralejo, and learn with a group of other people how to catch waves. More and more popular becomes also surf skating: when the waves are bad or you want to practice on land to improve your surfing, surf skating is your go-to! Different skateparks offer rentals or lessons. You can also explore the island on wheels during a guided mountain bike tour or if you like it calmer, you can join one of the yoga classes that you can find everywhere. 


  • El Cotillo
  • El Hierro
  • Punta Elena



  • Surfskate Department 

  • Bowl Lajares Skateboarding

Mountain bike Tour:


Source: http://www.namasteyogaretreat.com/yoga/

You see: Fuerteventura truly embodies the essence of a digital nomad’s paradise, combining a perfect climate, easy accessibility, an open community, inspiring nature, and a bunch of exciting activities. Whether you seek a peaceful work environment, a chance to connect with fellow remote workers, or an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders, Fuerteventura has it all. Embrace the island’s allure and experience the perfect blend of work and play as a digital nomad!

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