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messages from the tribe

I wanted to escape from an uncomfortable situation and transport my life to a distant place. Harbour gave me that chance. I had a unique and magnificent experience that I will repeat because it gets inside you and you can't help it. I feel privileged to have spent two weeks in the company of magnificent people, starting with Alessandro. The heart he puts into what he does is admirable. You gave me two weeks of serenity and peace that I haven't experienced in a long time, I discovered new foods, met new people, new places and tried new sports, but at the same time I was able to continue with my work life. A simply perfect travel/work combination.
Harbour is an ideal, not a journey. You improve people, never forget that.
On to the next Harbour.
Joseph Pascarella
Giuseppe PascarellaFinancial analyst and writer
Fantastic experience! I had a great time. A good atmosphere was formed right away and I felt part of the group right away. The activities were all really nice and well organized, you never get bored especially thanks to Ale. The surfing lessons were so much fun, the house was beautiful and I got along really well with everyone. I have an indelible memory of this experience that I will always carry in my heart and I will definitely participate again because the happiness of having experienced such beautiful moments is priceless! Thank you Creative Harbour and thank you Ale for this beautiful experience!!! You are top!
Michela Polla Mattiot
Michela Polla MattiotGuarantee Portfolio Junior
They say co-living, co-working, smart working etc... for me Creative Harbour was also, and above all, more: family, connection and presence. It is an adventure you go on with new travel companions who become colleagues, friends, family precisely, for 2 weeks and maybe even longer 😉
Creative Harbour è uno stile di vita, uno stato della mente da cui non si torna più indietro, e mentre aspetti di partire per il prossimo guardi avanti e te lo porti nel cuore. Grazie <3
Andrea Vitali
Andrea VitaliSenior Designer and Project Manager
A boost to quality of life

The experience with Creative Harbour has certainly been one of the most meaningful experiences we have had in the last few months - it is about exploring a different, more flexible way of working that brings our daily activities back within a more human dimension, more connected to nature, away from the complications of life in a big city. Sharing this experience with other people, kindred in spirit, is definitely a great added value!
Luca Molinari
Luca MolinariCommunity Coordinator & Corporate Transformation Strategist
Talent Garden

This experience for me has been positive both professionally and humanly. After a year of working from home alone, I really needed to get back to being surrounded by people, to be stimulated during work hours as well as also to spend quality time on breaks and at the end of the day. It was an energy boost that reenergized me!
Felicia Berto
Felicia BertoEmail Marketing Manager

Live / dont't Leave... the Harbour!

Often a harbor, a port, is not your home; it is a place of transit, of passage, of temporary meeting... but this does not apply at all to creative harbors. A creative harbor is a crossroads of people, emotions, experiences, lives, smiles, comparisons, passions, stimuli, that make you feel at home, suppur among people who do not know each other.
A creative harbour you remember forever, unique experience of sharing, work as life; sports as cooking; music as TV. Intimate, augmenting, special, empathetic -- long live the CREATIVE HARBOURS!
Luigi Arbore
Luigi ArboreHead of Global Strategic Marketing

I met wonderful people, watched the stars with them, admired the sunset over huge dunes.
I surfed the ocean, sang at the top of my lungs in the car, listened to new stories.
I went horseback riding in the midst of the Canarian landscapes and got (surprisingly) tanned under the Mogán sun.
I ate pounds of paella and gambas al ajillo, as if they were the last food left on earth.
I tasted papayas freshly picked from the tree and planted an avocado of my own in a finca by the sea.
These are just some of the things I take home with me.
Thank you tribe 🖤 it was beautiful!
Marta Dessì
Marta DessìGraphic Designer

Leaving with Creative Harbour is an experience to be had at least once in a lifetime

The two weeks with Creative Harbour were intense, of discovery and sharing. They made me remember how changing context always helps to rediscover one's routine, work and otherwise. Beautiful places but above all incredible people with whom it was a pleasure to share this adventure. An experience to recommend and to do again soon!
Paola Dal Bello
Paola Dal BelloCorporate Transformation Strategist
Talent Garden

The Creative Harbour experience was unique and truly unforgettable. I met extraordinary people with whom new projects and friendships were born. A parenthesis of freedom and real life in a difficult year. Simone and Alessandro are two fantastic coordinators who have the ability to make everyone feel at home with a lovely naturalness. Highly recommended life experience!
Martina Rossi
Martina RossiService Designer
Politecnico di Milano Department of Design

It is difficult to express in a review how rich and engaging the experience was with Creative Harbour and the tribe that was formed, I think the only thing to do is to live it! One piece of advice I would like to give to future participants is to really allow yourself the time to experience it in all that it has to offer: schedule one less call and allow yourself a space to talk, tell and share ideas and projects. Only then can you take in all that Creative Harbour can give you, both as people and as professionals.
Marianna Carbone
Marianna CarboneService designer

The experience in Gran Canaria was truly a "port": a place to land and drop anchor to give yourself time to get in touch with other creative people; a place from which to start again to explore new working horizons; a time of rest to regenerate mental resources. An experience to give yourself at least once in a lifetime!
Donatella Ruggeri
Donatella RuggeriPsychologist | UX Designer
Idib Group

Sunsets are colored with Creative Harbour

One can take many trips and it is always magical, but when travel becomes a 360-degree experience, you don't just discover a place but you also discover a little bit about yourself. This is what I take home from my experience with Creative Harbour, the chance to travel, work, meet people, compare notes and give the trip the connotations of an inner journey
Alyssa Martini
Alyssa MartiniCorporate Transformation Coordinator
Talent Garden

Lost and re-found: an immersive journey

Fuerteventura was my second experience with Creative Harbour, the second Creative Harbour that welcomed me. Experiencing 15 days of co-living and co-working helps you see new perspectives and discover new horizons. What I enjoyed the most was rediscovering the beauty of working together with my team after a year of smart working, feeling again the energy of a group of passionate professionals, and discovering human traits of my colleagues that were able to emerge because we were in a safe environment where everyone was able to express themselves in 360 degrees.
Julia Pagan
Giulia PaganCorporate Transformation Strategist
Talent Garden


I adored everything strong sense of community that was created despite very different personalities.
Alessandra Bernini
Alessandra BerniniInvestment Professional
Private Equity



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