Morocco 🇲🇦

Our group experiences are trips for remote workers who wish to step out of their comfort zone and give themselves the opportunity to learn about a new way of life in the company of people who have made the same choice.

Coliving spaces to share the days with your fellow travelers.

Coworking spaces to continue working but in a significantly more stimulating environment.

In fact, your setting will be Tamraght, a little gem nestled between ocean and desert, allowing you to experience work, breaks and days off amidst magical places and incredible activities.

In short you be there, we'll take care of the rest.

days to the first departure
As of
799 €
Down payment 100€
o 3 installments of 266.33 € without interest
  • A group of remote workers 👨💻
  • 15 days/14 nights in Harbour 🏡
  • Wi-Fi High Speed Unlimited ⚡
  • The team's on-site assistance 🕺
  • Creative Harbour BOX 🎁
  • Car sharing with driver 🚗
  • Health insurance ⚕️
  • We will plant a tree of your own 🌳


Non trovi il volo?Abbiamo la soluzione

The Creative Harbour group experience

Once you arrive, our Tribe Lead will welcome you to the Harbour, our home, the safe haven of all remote workers.

Here you will spend your days working on your projects, and in your free moments you will have the opportunity to do amazing activities.

A Creative Harbour group experience is not a vacation.
It is to be considered as a continuum of your life.
What will make it special will be the perfect mix of work and pure leisure time where we will explore amazing places, play sports, and experience and share moments that you will carry with you forever.


Tamraght, between ocean and desert

This riad is the perfect place to be able to work remotely and spend your breaks between ocean and desert.

The riad is developed on three floors and is for the exclusive use of our clients. The facility offers all the comforts to be able to work in serenity with other digital professionals: Wifi, ample indoor and outdoor coworking spaces with ocean views, large terraces with seating and tables on each floor, a courtyard typical of these dwellings, a fully equipped kitchen, and much more. On the rooftop we also find a fully glazed veranda in which to do yoga with incredible ocean views. The sunsets seen from here you will surely not easily forget.

Tamraght is a small Berber fishing village located on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean about 14 kilometers north of Agadir, 40 minutes north of Agadir airport and 3 kilometers from the better-known village of Taghazout.

This traditional fishing community has grown over the years and has become popular with surfers, backpackers and yogis not to mention Europeans looking for a second home in the sun.

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature between 20° and 29°, Tamraght is perfect for those looking for an exotic place to live and work.


WiFi Fiber
Private rooms
Towels & Sheets
Hair dryer
Washing machine
Yoga viewing terrace

Available rooms

Private room
Private bathroom
Private room
Shared bathroom

Important things you need to know

Le 3 cose che non devi assolutamente perderti.

All experiences must reach the minimum gate of participants before they are confirmed.
Until that time, the trip is in completion, so one must wait for confirmation in order to purchase flights.

Block your place with 100€, if the experience is not confirmed you will have two options:

  • you will be able to receive a voucher worth the down payment (100€) to use for another experience
  • or you can request a full refund of the down payment.

Normally trips are confirmed, at worst, 30 days before departure.

Upon confirmation, a Whatsapp group will be created in which all participants and the Tribe Lead will be entered, from that moment you can purchase your flight.

In our experiences the Tribe Lead plays a key role. It is the secret ingredient that allows our elixir of long life to be so powerful.

The Tribe Lead is both part of the group as a guide and the voice of the internal Creative Harbour Team when it comes to holding the reins of the experience and making sure CH's values are shared with all of you.

This is the person who will support you in the pre-departure phase (onboarding) and during the experience. He/she will answer your doubts, organize the various on-site activities and handle unforeseen events allowing the machine to run smoothly.

In short, the coordinator is the cornerstone of the experience; he or she will be your support at all the various stages.

We want your experience to be seamless in everything, even when it comes time to manage your expenses with your peers through the Common Cash.
Thanks to our partner HYPE, all of our Tribe Leads will be equipped with a Hype card to manage the Common Cash in a smart and efficient way.
You, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to open a free Hype account that will accompany you throughout the experience and into your everyday life.
All participants who decide to activate it will receive 10€ idi Common Cash as a gift.
Prior to departure, the Tribe Lead will have all participants pay the fee for the Common Cash
via Hype transfer (for those who have activated the account or for those who already had an account) or by Bank Transfer (for those who do not have Hype).

The common case includes:

  • Shared spending on meals in Harbour and meals in shared restaurants
  • The Coordinator's Common Fund
  • Gasoline for commuting

✅ Fee includes.

  • A group of remote workers 👨💻
  • 15 days/14 nights in Harbour 🏡
  • Coworking areas 💻
  • Wi-Fi Alta velocità Illimitato ⚡
  • The team's on-site assistance 🕺
  • Nightwear 🛏️
  • Towels 🧖
  • Creative Harbour BOX 🎁
  • Car sharing with driver 🚗
  • Health insurance ⚕️
  • Endless coffee and tea ☕
  • We will plant a tree of your own 🌳
  • A group of remote workers 👨💻
  • 15 days/14 nights in Harbour 🏡
  • Coworking areas 💻
  • Wi-Fi Alta velocità Illimitato ⚡
  • The team's on-site assistance 🕺
  • Nightwear 🛏️
  • Towels 🧖
  • Creative Harbour BOX 🎁
  • Car sharing with driver 🚗
  • Health insurance ⚕️
  • Endless coffee and tea ☕
  • We will plant a tree of your own 🌳

🚫 La quota NON include

  • Volo o spostamento A/R ✈️
  • Transfers to and from Airport 
  • Anything not specifically listed in "The fee includes"
  • La cassa comune 💰

Attività Extra per il tuo tempo libero

Free moments and weekends will be pure leisure: we will explore amazing places, play sports, and experience and share moments that you will carry with you forever.

Lezioni di surf

Visit to the Souk of Agadir

Excursion to Paradise Valley

Excursion to Marrakech

Yoga Lessons

Visit to Essaouira

Quad bike ride

Walk in the desert

People from amazing companies
who have worked remotely with us

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Upcoming departures

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Al momento non ci sono date in partenza

Se vuoi partire per il Marocco contattaci e ti aiuteremo a costruire il tuo viaggio.


Answers to frequently asked questions about Creative Harbour

Is the flight included?

The reason we chose not to include flying in the experience is because we believe that everyone should be free to manage the before and after experience as they prefer, giving precisely the option of arriving earlier or staying longer at the location. (Again because one of our core values is freedom).

When can I get my plane ticket

Airfare can be purchased after the experience is confirmed. This will happen after reaching the minimum number of participants needed to activate the experience.

I will have my own station

There are no personal workstations. The principle of sharing also applies to workstations. So in the case of special needs, communication with other participants becomes essential.

Are there spaces where I can make more confidential calls?

Certainly each facility offers reserved spaces where calls can be held. Even in rooms there are often desks, and by organizing with roommates they can be used to conduct calls.

How do the activities work with respect to the workday?

Activities are organized outside working hours and on weekends. If someone has different schedules and would like to do activities during working hours as well, they will be arranged without any problem.

Job Board Waiting List

We are launching the Creative Harbour Job Board, where you can find remote-only or hybrid job openings.

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